Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ – The Future of Home Gardening and Organics


What is the Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+?

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+

The Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. Aeroponic simply means growing plants without dirt and using only water and nutrients’. Nearly any plant that grows out of the ground and not under the ground, can be grown with an aeroponic system. You can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and many fruits in less time than it takes in soil.

My Tower Garden®!

I am excited about being a new owner of my very own Tower Garden. I love eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, but I did not always buy them because of the expense. With my Tower Garden I can have produce that is healthier than soil-grown or store bought plants. My family and I are eating beautiful nutritious food every day.

Where Do I Have My Tower Garden?

My Tower Garden is out by my gazebo. The flow of water is on a timer and I love sitting out by it when its’ on because it sounds like a tropical rain forest, very relaxing. Tower Gardens take up very little space. You can put them in almost any sunny place. You can bring them indoors and use grow lights and grow fruits and vegetable all year long.

It’s Healthier!

The Tower Garden® gives you greater control over your family’s health by making it easy to grow fresh, nutritious produce. Eating fruits and vegetable daily is the best way to get the nutrition you need and the only way to keep yourself healthy.

It’s Fun, Easy and a Lot Less Work.

My husband and I had a traditional garden for many years. Last year we invested over $500.00 in plants and things for our garden. We put in a lot of time and a lot of hard work. When the garden was planted the work continued with weeding and watering it and trying to keep birds and animals away. When it was almost time to harvest we had some visitors that came and had a garden party and wiped us out. It was the deer and rabbits. I decided that I would never have a garden again. That was until I learned about the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+.

Now I am excited everyday to go out and check on my garden. Today was the first time in my life that I had ever planted, grew and harvested lettuce and made me a wonderful organic salad. Yum!!!!

If you would like more information contact me, Charlotte Wilkins at 770-301-7267 or if you would like to read up on it yourself, click the link below:

Juice Plus Tower Garden Information

Going forward, I will be posting a weekly update on my blog (click here) with videos and pictures so that my friends and family can see what I have been talking about! Keep an eye out for my next post. I will share more exciting adventures in Healthy Living using my Tower Garden.

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